About Us.

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Martin Luther once famously quoted “I have a dream” and whilst his dream was based on his vision of greater tolerance and rights, I too have a dream and one which I am excitedly putting into place.
They say the difference between one’s dream and reality is the action one takes to make it real. My dream or ultimate goal is to establish a residence for folk who were struck by unfortunate circumstances e.g. a stroke or similar and who do not have the support base at home and have therefore come to rely solely on their grant stipend in order to survive. Those who were and are still capable of giving back and being independent but cannot find the niche that allows them the freedom and ability to express themselves in a world where it is already hard to survive – that is my dream. To create a place where they can once more have the dignity they deserve and to become more of the person that they once were.

Whilst we work towards fulfilling that goal we are determined to also make a difference in the lives of as many as we can along the way and have established the NPC called The Charity Book. For now, the focus will be on the Western Cape. With that in mind we are urging all Charities in the Western Cape to register on this website. In so doing you stand in line to be the lucky recipient of one of three cash prizes at The Charity Book’s coming out gala. More details on that event and other fund-raising initiatives will be highlighted in the Events and Blog pages – so watch that space!
In order for the charities to stand in line to win these prizes all they need to do is to highlight their good work that they do naturally - by sending in their stories to admin@thecharitybook.co.za and we will publish them on the blog – REGISTER NOW!

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Besides our launch event and what will be an ongoing drive for The Charity Book is our aim to fulfil your wish lists – as we do our fund-raisers and thereby meeting new people along the way – we will try to take a wish list at a time and to help you secure the things you need to make your drive a success – so REGISTER NOW and don’t forget to fill in that very important question around your wish list.
On another note – the original aim of this website is to illuminate the good work that many NGO/NPO's do for the community and to draw attention to the various initiatives and goodwill that they provide to so many in need, be it through their work with the elderly, those abused, animals, children, disability, environment, health, sports or anything else dear to their heart!
Working with various CSI Charity initiatives over time I came to realise that many charities are overlooked simply because they are not visible enough. My hope is that this platform will change that and that all of us can have the opportunity to make a difference. The Charity Book NPC will also initiate many fund-raisers along the way of which these registered charities can benefit.

We would love you to be a part of this exciting journey – take a browse through the existing pages and feel free to email us with any queries / suggestions you may have through our Contact Us page. We are looking for sponsors & donors in various forms (product or other) to help us with our endeavours and corporates are welcome to discuss their CSI requirements where we would love to assist in whatever way we can!
Thank you for taking the time to read our story