The Charity Book NPC has been set up as a fund-raising mechanism in order to support various charities in the Western Cape.

This website will also be a source of information on these charities thereby giving you access to up-to-date information making your choices easier.

Through this fund-raising we would like to help charities by ensuring that their focus remains on their key objectives by taking away some of the day to day strain that they face.

To do this we would like to support them by providing them with items that they require to make their lives easier as they go about their business.

The charity themselves will register on our website and will state what their wishlist’s are.

Through this process we will take those wishlist’s and grant them one at a time.

We would therefore like to link into the CSI initiatives of Corporates and/or individuals to support us which will in turn support the registered charities.

We have established a Charity Shoppe which would sell product which we would add to over time.

Of the items sold that are required to be hand-made – we will be giving the work to various CMTs – the importance of this is that we and you by your support are creating work thereby enabling job creation.

For example masks, sleeping bags and blankets are examples of CMT work.

Of the items sold e.g. hampers / care packs / sanitizers we would support local grocers which in turn enable growth for their stores.

Of purchases made, the hampers would be given to homes in communities and various institutions.

Sleeping bags would be given to the homeless and also to night shelters where there is great need.

Care-packs are there to support females in schools and at risk women.

The option is twofold – we require the material to make the items and we require purchases to be made.

The discussion we would like to have with you is where to best fit into your company agenda so that we can work on a way forward.

 The Charity Book NPC is also able to project manage a CSI need from end to end thereby assisting you with choosing a charity, identifying their needs and arranging the various requirements needed to fulfil that need.

Talk to us! We are looking forward to helping you helping others!

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The Charity Shoppe

We have established a Charity Shoppe which would sell product which we would add to over time

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