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The organization was founded 1995 as the Western Cape Forum for Inclusive Education. Due to organization’s unique perspective, formulated inclusive education legislative framework, organizational record of achievements (See attachment 1), and being the only organization in South Africa with Inclusive Education as its primary objective – the organization expanded its services nationally in 2015 and became known as Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA). The organization was established by a group of concerned parents, other non-profit organization’s and professionals working with children. These respective stakeholders were concerned that children who were experiencing some form of barriers to learning (a barrier to learning is anything that prevents a child from learning, which includes teaching style, environment, hunger, drugs, gangs, or forms of disabilities etc.) were not receiving the necessary support to participate in the educational system to their fullest. IESA’s work shows that without learners receiving support and barriers to learning left unaddressed- learners drop out or are pushed out of mainstream education.

As an organisation, we gave input into the drafting of White Paper 6 of 2001 and continue to work towards this national strategy. We specifically work in making quality education accessible to All children in the ECD, Primary and High school space. Our strategic approach has 3 core drivers namely: 1. Build capacity of role players and stakeholders in the learning environment 2. Generate evidence, innovation and learning to disseminate knowledge of inclusive education and policy and practices to all stakeholders 3. Advocate to role players, stakeholders and society for the implementation of inclusive education in South Africa We have also recently piloted the very First New Teacher Induction Programme in South Africa in collaboration with the EU and our national Department of Basic Education.

In 1995, the Western Cape Forum for Inclusive Education was established to promote opportunities for inclusion for children with disabilities in mainstream education.  Influencing Inclusive Education legislation – members contributed to the work of the National Commission of special needs in education and training, whose findings informed Education White Paper 6: Building an Inclusive Education and Training System (2001).  In 2004, IESA partnered with Department of Education as a member of the Consortium for Inclusive Education with University of Stellenbosch and Western Cape, the organisation undertook the first dedicated in-service teacher training in Inclusive Education for the Western Cape Education Department. 200 foundation and intermediate phase teachers were trained. Graduates for this programme received an award for the best practice in Inclusive Education in 2006.  Between 2004 and 2007, IESA established the index for inclusion, a set of materials to guide schools through a process of inclusive school development.  In 2005, IESA was chosen to be the lead organisation for the Department of Education inclusive Education field testing programme.  In 2017, piloted an ECD service provider project at the Lesidi Educare Association in the Free State. The focus was to infuse inclusive practices into their training and service offerings. This project has now extended to 5 provinces. This project received the Community Chest Innovation Award in the Education category.  In 2017, IESA submits a shadow report to the United Nations Convention Rights with Persons with Disabilities in response to South Africa’s baseline country report.  In 2017- 2018, we embarked on an EU-funded New Teachers induction Pilot Program in the Free State, North West and Northern Cape Provinces. The objective is to bridge the gap between national pre-service training and practical implementation of policy and processes in order to equip newly qualified educators to teach inclusively. This project has received much acclaim by the education stakeholders, and we are working closely with the National Department of Basic Education to have it rolled out nationally.  In 2018 saw the development of over 70 Open Education Resources – these resources is being be used to support the skills development of teachers nationally.  Piloting and roll out of 34 professional learning communities. These have proven highly successful in the development of inclusive teaching skills. Our sustainable model now used in all our skills development projects  In 2018, our partnership with the Kagiso Trust and Cyril Ramaposa Foundation to improve skills development and learning outcomes in the Free State Province, Motheo District.

Laptops, discounted data volunteers who can do voiceovers, narrations and screen casts.

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